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Actes Sud editions inaugurate a new collection called "Par" (:"By"). Dedicated to the discovery of cities, each book of this collection is treasured with stories, testimonials, adresses choosen by inhabitants of the city. Those books are dedicated to the young and urban traveler. Creation of the visual identity of this collection by developing covers.

The discovery of a city through existing guides can sometimes transcribe a very impersonal aspect. This is why "Actes Sud" editions made the choice to put forward a more intimate aspect. Each city is characterized by a plan, it's a kind of identity where each street, each avenue, each deadlock its own.

We have a format with a hole, which creates a relationship with the content that is more intimate than the classic guide, with this format we "enter in the intimacy of the city

Handwritten typography for the idea of travel and taking notes on the spot, aspect closer to the inhabitant of the city

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