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Actes Sud editions inaugurate a new collection called "Par" (:"By"). Dedicated to the discovery of the cities, each book of this collection is treasure of stories, testimonials, adresses choosen by the inhabitants of the city. Those books are dedicated to the young and urban traveler. Creation of the visual identity of this collection by developing covers.

The discovery of a city by many guides which exist can sometimes transcribe a very impersonal aspect. This is why "Actes Sud" editions make the choice to put forward a more intimate aspect. Each book of this collection implies a writing by the inhabitants and shows the cities with an aspect closer to us, tourists. The view is the sense which connects the locals and the tourists. This sense allows us to discover, see, and explore the city after the locals have been able to do the same.

Placing a photo in the eyes, we see through the eyes of the inhabitant. 

After, it's our turn to see this city with our eyes during tourist getaways.

Handwritten typography, idea of signature, aspect certified by the inhabitants who composed these books.

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