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Diploma project

The French tradition has always been to serve cheese during meals. Emmental, Comté, Livarot, Fourme d'Ambert, Maroilles, the choices are very large. From strong and sweet cheeses to creamy and hard cheeses, the varieties are very wide in our culture. Disposed on a tray during meals, this well codified art is rooted in the French tradition. 


Strong in tradition and flavors, cheese is a very authentic product with traditional aspects. Served with wine, salad, raw vegetables, fresh fruit, and especially crispy bread, the cheese moment is often friendly and full of discovery, full of odors, that we imagine around a large table.

In this context and this continual craze for this product of French culture, the cheese tartine bar becomes a conceptual place where this product is the center of all consumptions and purchases. This bar answers at an authenticity need of the consumer. It wants to develop its communication and create its identity to be known as widely as possible with its sandwiches, wines, fruits and all its flavors.

More and more restaurants now offer a plate of cheese as a snack. This is why Angers saw the birth of its first "cheese sandwich bar" in the city center. This cheese bar starts with a simple idea, eat cheese sandwiches. In an atmosphere that is both conceptual, convivial and authentic, with woody and modern decor, this great place arrives in Angers for a trip flavor with a lot of toast.

Creation and design of the identity of this place and promotion within the city. Explain the concept of place through identity.

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