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France is worldwide knows for its huge cheese platter. Even abroad, the Frenchman is often seen as a person who eat a lot of cheese like bread (and snails). French people are the biggest consumers of cheese in the world, in fact, 92% of french eat regularly cheese once a day and 24kg of cheese are consumed per year on average by a Frenchman

Vidéo promotionnelle Cheeese
Lire la vidéo

Promotional video of the shop for the opening.

Realisation with After Effects.

Business cards, personalization with very French names, idea of proximity

Loyalty card, self-adhesive tape system (like flag)

Communication paper

Frontage ; we use a poster to show the product put ahead each month. 

Utilisation of windows stickers using the french names, notion of "Made in France"

Menu in form of panels, connotation of flag bands


Packaging for takeaway.

Creation of toast holder system with headband wich accentuate a certified product, a quality product.

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