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The city of Angers is characterized by a real crossroad of the economy. Every year, the event "Made In Angers" emphasizes the central place that company occupy in our local economy. This event allow also to make stronger the cohesion of a territory, between its inhabitants and its local entrepreneurs. The wealth and diversity of its local businesses are fully expressed in the event. In fact, during one month, there is a lot a visits in a lot of secotrs : industry, health, digital, plant, food, crafts ...

So, Made In Angers canvassed the school where I am formed to organize a competition for their communication campaign, for the 2018 edition. Target : all public. Target heart : student. Proposals of several posters.

These companies visits of all sectors, allow to a student to discover or confirm a choice of orientation. This public opening allow to discover more concretely, a job, a company, a sector of activites ... In fact, the studies or job choice can be difficult and raise a lot of questions for the student. This public, looking for answers about their questions, can take advantage of this event to reply to these, by visiting some companies.

First version with color areas to symbolize the

differents companies

Deleting areas, we onyl keep a bright color

Second version with a stronger concept. The letters show us the path between the companies with something very straight, very simple and the student's path in background, less clear and very sinuous

Add some pictograms to talk more clearly about companies for the visitors. Pictograms system for the idea of easy access

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