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During a week of workshop, all the school work together to put the colors in highlight ! After having drawn lots the pink color, we had to promote it with a advertising, and a short video. I worked as a little artistic director in this group to guide the first, second and third years students and I worked especially on the video.

For everyone, pink is a feminine color and "for the girls". However, during a long this, this color was considered as a sign of virility because it was derived from red color, and so, used by the masculine gender. Called "incarnat", it refered to the flesh without be called "pink". It's around 1300 that she was named "pink". 


From the 20th century, rose become a stereotyped color and especially during the 90's. It's attributed to the girls since this period, like we give the blue for the boys.

However, pink has always been symbol of tenderness, softness, seduction, romantism. The pink color stands out by its affirmation and claims some eccentricity like the Daddy brand. Present in the popular culture or to defend politics ideas, the use of pink stay nevertheless complex but promises a stronger message. 

VIDEO-CLIP : Rose Cancan

A lot a symbols are associate to this color and among them, eccentricity and sweet madness. In our daily, the pink color is more present that what we believe. Meal, objects, cartoons, this color is particular and attracts us by its dynamism and its energy.

In this video-clip, the pink objects are accumulated. On a frantic pace, we give we give span and importance to this stereotyped color. The pink makes us fall back in childhood, surprises us and makes us laugh in a pop and acidulous univers.

Toutes les vidéos

Collaboration with Alicia Corbineau for conception and editing,

and Baptiste Siceaux for conception and shooting.

ADVERTISING : "Allo-Cochon" 

In a society that demands more and more immediacy, fast food chains and online ordering services are growing up. To answer to this demand of immediacy, Allô Cochon launches the first service of cold meats quick delivery. In one call, your cold meats order is shipped and delivered directly at home. Creation of the identity and promotion by an add.

Final logotype

Use of french expresion for the slogan "Everything is good in the pig"

 Everything is good in the pig, mostly when he reply *

Everything is good in the pig, even the delivery *

Everything is good in the pig, except the box *

Collaboration with Alexis Gastineau

for visuals and poster production 

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