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During 3 months, I had the opportunity to make an intership at Studio AA, based in Nantes (France). This months allow me to acquire real professionals skills but also to prove them my skills beyond my studies. There is two works that I particularly liked to work on. 


During december, the facebook page crossed the 1000 likes and the Instagram obtained 2000 subscribers. The Studio charged me to create an animation to thank the subscribers. SOUND ON !

Ma nouvelle chaîne

Show by this differents A, this idea of many people following

the differents pages


Creation of the identity for the association "Trait pour trait", fostering discussions, debates, and cultural mediation. The dialogue put forward by this association allow to product ideas to create artistics supports linked with acutal themes (stigmatization, discrimination, education, medias, interculturalism, ...)


Here, we keep the idea of possible confrontation by the association. We create a game into the colors which put forward the differents points of views. We accentuate this confrontation by these transversal.

In this idea, we show the debates and the idea of confrontation possible during exchanges. We show opposite or similar entities despite their diffrerents opinions.

Game around mirror, opposition of the point of views, ...

Show the reflexions, the spirit way etablished during discussions, debates. Symbolization of this elements by a line showing the beginning and the end of a conversation.

Here, we have differents points of view. They are linked, and they can also built a new idea, a new point of view. There is two kind of frames, two opposites colors, to accentuate this differents points of view.

Idea of phylacteries, making the link with the discussions when we share, when we exchanges, when we talk. We add depth to make something more alive, more dynamic, as a interesting conversation. Using two opposite colors to say the differents points of view, differents subject discussion.


In this logotype, we always show the differents points of view that can be mingled and so, built a new idea. We accentuate this idea with many associations of opposites colors. Connexion with the name of the association with the straights lines to say the differents entities which intervene in the association.

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