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Creation and development of the Christmas Showcases of Ekyog, women's clothing brand. This brand has a Scandinavian atmosphere, demonstrates a strong commitment eco-responsible which respects Man and the environment. These clothes are created from natural materials.

Birch, a northern tree. In time immemorial, immersed in the distant lands of Siberia, shamans roam the tundra. They are looking for a tree recognizable among all, the birch. They cut out his trunk and bring the tree back to their village. Considered a deity, the tree with white bark is celebrated, prayed, worshiped and dressed in women’s clothes. Birch is a symbol of charm, purity and femininity in traditional Scandinavian culture.

Its candor is distinguished almong the heathers of the taiga, the lightness of its antlers extends towards the sky, the grace and the delicacy of its foliage show us a sensitivity and softness.


Frontages realized with Coline Giraudeau, Tifenn Chevillard

in Nantes, Rennes & St Bireuc

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