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Organized by Angers Loire Métropole, the City of Angers and their partners, the "Expression Garden" contest allows to promote Angevin's know-how in plant creation, especially with students in horticulture, landscape and design. As every year, visitors are invited to nominate their favorite garden, with a vote. With this visitors votes and their expertises the jury of professionals will nominate three winners.

In groups of 10, participation in this contest for the 3rd time in a row. Garden design based on themes imposed by year. Design of this space on the theme "Travel to the garden" for 2017. My work part in this group was for the promotional part, communication : folder and poster

What if travelling was after all an intimate experience, where our own thoughts and words could escape? Through this book, let yourself be carried away in a world of softness and peace of mind, a world combining words and vegetation. Come revitalize yourself in this blossoming garden where poetry rhymes with imagination. 


The purity, fragility and softness of the flowers invite you to become enthused throughout the different pages of the book, where space and connections seem to have evolved. Another dimension is opening itself to you. Sit down, walk around, and discover the intoxicating sensations of the plants.


Is there anything more pleasurable than taking time for yourself? Escape and make up your own story. A black letter, a blank page, and nature getting the upper hand; make a slight digression just for a minute, as if time had stopped around you. You are now the storyteller: you can therefore progress in a world, which only belongs to you.  

A book opening itself, a garden blossoming and a journey starting… there is only one thing left for you: opening your eyes and letting yourself be carried away by this little piece of oneirism.

* An open book

Lire c’est voyager ;

voyager c’est lire.


Victor Hugo


* Read is travel, travel is read.

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