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Imagination of an editorial object in order to start learning Icelandic. Research about pedagogy, fun and discovery.

Like many foreign languages, pronunciation of words and phrases can be difficult. That's why the Reykjavik Tourism Agency and the Icelandic National Orchestra teamed to create a collection of 8 CDs with a subscription system. Dedicated to those who plan to go on a trip and want to practice the language, these CDs are classified by themes to learn gradually. A map comes with the subscription and can be make over time. At the end, it testifies, as a kind of passport to travel in Iceland.

Analogy between the colors of the french and Icelandic flags. The analogy is made also with the cartographic legends and punctuations, used in phonetics and writing.

Creation of an alphabet playing on the vibration of the pronunciation of words. All related to the construction of a language during the learning.

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