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I define myself today as a creative person, open-minded, I'm also a very receptive person, who listens to everyone. Creation in general is for me a vital and primordial thing. The field of the image fascinates me because of its strong power. Looking at picture, an image, and decrypting it, analyzing it can sometimes be more understandable than ten-page text.

Graphism is for me a way to tell a story, to take a person, the viewer in a different vision of what he can think put forward with our different sensibilities. It's a great way to give meaning to signs, to entities, it is a way to send ideas in a new way and also to answer needs. Graphism alow to put forward a client or sponsor's personnality and characteristic. It's a way to communicate and transmit a message as strong as the voice. It's a complete object of communication that can respond to the most complex situations, inscribed in a process of message, of meaning.

The graphic designer is for me a person, a mediator who influences the way to discern and receive the information and knowledge.

This is how I conceive and I want to practice the graphic designer's job



A passionate about images and letters! Bachelor's degree specialized in economical & social, I am now graduate of a BTS Graphic Design with an option in print media. Today, I continue my studies in graphic design to open my skills in web design, motion design, digital edition but also scenography.

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