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Great contest organized by the journal Étapes. For several months, Étapes has interrogated the concept of "New Exotism" through the eyes of graphic designers of Mexico, Canada, Spain and France. After Menta, Michael Thorsby, Koln Studio and Par Hasard, I was able to share my interpretation of the "New Exotism" with this poster creation for a exhibition dedicated to the theme. The only constraint was to create the poster from a great selection of images from Adobe Stock platform selected by Étapes.

"New Exoticism" a name that resonates in curiosity, a kind of place, place from elsewhere. These terms resonate in novelty, like a project that seem to be born of nowhere, like a sketch, like first drafts that promise a place, a place out of the world... a novelty for our eye. This exoticism is built, hatched through tests, drafts like an architect who creates according to his imagination. Through a lush nature, a place come from our imagination, you can create your own exoticism. To each his exotic place with his eyes sometimes filled of virginity.

This poster allowed me to be in the top 10 finalists. There was more than 400 entries

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