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Personal graphic appropriation of Charles Perrault's tale "The Tom Thumb".

Work on illustration and typographic compositions to finish on an editorial object.

This popular tale by Charles Perrault shows a very dark history, oppressive and where places, like the forest, seem to take over the characters. The very dark atmosphere of this tale is put forward to translate the oppression of the characters and their state of mind oppressed too. This is why the characters appear as spirits and where the darkness of the place, reflected by the atmosphere and the action of the scenes, is put forward in an oppressive way.

The format refers to the location of the forest, predominating throughout the story. The typographic composition makes it possible to understand the meaning of abstract illustrations at first sight.

Indeed, these pages put a word ahead to focus on the main action of the illustrated scene. The colorimetric choice of each double page takes the character in the center of the illustrated scene.

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